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The 9NINE Breakfast range is the ultimate breakfast companion. High in fibre and a source of calcium and protein for those after a perfect start to their day.


The 9NINE Classic range is perfectly packed with nutritious pumpkin, sunflower, sesame and hemp seeds, guaranteed to satisfy hungry snackers looking for a healthier alternative.

Double Cocoa

The 9NINE Double Cocoa range is the perfect place to go when you’re after an indulgent but nutritious treat. Perfectly packed with pumpkin, sunflower, sesame and hemp seeds and laced with double cocoa.

Classic Carob

The 9NINE Classic Carob range is crammed full of fantastic natural ingredients, guaranteed to provide a tasty and nutritious 9NINE boost to any well-balanced diet.

Seed Fusions

9NINE Seed Fusions are perfectly paired nutritious seeds with big, bold flavours inspired from cultures around the World and are a source of protein with no added sugar.

Seed Bombes

9NINE Seed Bombes deliver an explosion of nutrition in tiny packages and are a source of protein and magnesium with no added sugar.
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